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About us

Wevise is a US-based nonprofit founded in 2022. Our mission is to make careers in the technology industry more attainable through equitable access to mentorship, education, and career opportunities. We’re a team of committed volunteers from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about leveling the playing field in tech (and beyond).

What we do

Our first service, launched June 6th, 2023 in the US and Canada, is a mentorship platform for those entering the technology industry through university, learning independently, or changing careers. Although the platform is open and free to all, we are focused on supporting the underserved and disadvantaged, for whom mentorship is disproportionately unavailable. 

Wevise allows people to request mentorship based on specific needs, interests, backgrounds, and experiences. We offer tags for mentees and mentors to choose that they identify with: 

This allows mentees to be matched with people who have overcome the same barriers they may be struggling with. Mentors and mentees can specify their interest in short-, medium-, and long-term mentorship.

Who we work with

We’re partnering with organizations that require mentorship and career placement programs to complement their primary programming so that they can better serve their beneficiaries. We also aim to support companies in finding the right candidates, often from diverse backgrounds.

How we work

Wevise is grounded in transparency, collaboration, and impact. Here’s how we work to make a difference:

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