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Do you support underserved individuals in the tech industry? Are you struggling to find the right mentors for them? Help them find mentorship through us with custom organizational tags!


Help the next generation of diverse talent to find the right career path and company for them. Encourage your employees to become mentors and support our mission through donations.

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Women with a mentor had a 56% higher rate of career progression than women without a mentor.1

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Mentored employees are promoted 5 times more often and earn 20% more than non-mentored employees.2

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Mentored students have a 52% greater chance of staying in college.3

Our unique platform...

Supports equitable access

Removes potential biases

Provides full privacy and autonomy

Matches based on lived experiences

Why partner with us?

Wevise levels the playing field in tech, ensuring that all people have access to mentorship from people who have similar lived experiences.

Our algorithm instantly curates matches based on specific needs, interests, background, and experience.

We’ve earned the Candid Gold Seal of Transparency!

This recognition underscores our commitment to openness and accountability. We pursued this seal to further strengthen our supporters’ and partners’ trust and confidence in us. This is just another great reason to support us in our mission!

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